Introducing the new!

We’re back, bitches!

(A TOILET, SOMEWHERE) — Welcome back, Toilet Squad! 👋 and welcome to the new — completely rebuilt from the ground up.

What’s new? (TL;DR)

  • New cloud servers for faster speeds, easier access around the world
  • New desktop design for a cleaner, more modern experience
  • New dedicated mobile layout for phones and tablets
  • Rebuilt light/dark mode based on user system preference
  • New user emoji reactions at the bottom of articles
  • New Senior Editor (Bern is back!)

What’s new? (not TL;DR)

The homepage: now displays the most viewed article in the last 28 hours on top (both on desktop and on mobile) with the latest articles listed below from newest to oldest

The new dedicated mobile homepage: will automatically be served to mobile users. It has been completely built for a dedicated mobile experience and can only be viewed from a mobile device. It’s a much more streamlined, straight-forward layout, showing the most viewed (within the last 28 hours) article on top, followed by a list of the latest posts from newest to oldest.

Emoji reactions: you’ll find a list of emoji reactions on the bottom of each article. We’ve integrated this to allow users / visitors to interact and share their opinion quickly, and efficiently.

Bern is back: with the re-launch of the site, Brian Shoop (Bern) is returning to Front Page Tech and has been hired as the website’s full-time Senior Editor! Brian was a major presence on the Front Page Tech YouTube channel for years and was also the main video editor. Brian will be running the day-to-day operations of the site as well as writing the majority of the articles daily. Upon his return, Brian has given us this official statement:

I will rule over this domain with an iron fist of tech news and bad jokes, just like our Lord intended. Amen.

– Bern

Bern is a fantastic writer but more so, fully encapsulates the FPT brand-style humor, and I’m thrilled to have him aboard again.

Closing, or whatever

We’re very excited to bring the Front Page Tech brand further into traditional, written media as a way to disrupt it. Because it’s boring as f**k. Expect daily news, exclusives, and the usual bullish*t from us… but with words.

– Jern and Bern

Holy Sh**: Analyst Says iPhone 14 Price Could Increase by +$100

Holy Sh**: Analyst Says iPhone 14 Price Could Increase by +$100

"Apple has some tough decisions to make

Apple Watch’s New Low-Power Mode Expected By End of The Year

Apple Watch’s New Low-Power Mode Expected By End of The Year

Keep going, and going and going and going