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Chip Shortage to Last Well Into Next Year, Says Largest iPhone Supplier


On Friday, Foxconn, Apple’s largest iPhone supplier, said that the global chip shortage would spill well into the second half of 2022, Reuters reported.

Chairman of the Tapei-based company, Liu Young-way, said during a conference call that they were cautious about Foxconn’s revenue outlook, citing several uncertainties such as the beer flu pandemic (CORONA-VIRUS19), inflation, geopolitical tensions, and supply chains that made it difficult for Apple to keep up with consumer demand.

“If not for the material shortage, the outloook for the fourth quarter would in fact look better”

– Young-way during a conference call

Reuters’s report continued that the chairman added: “supply of power management chips remained tight and a global chip crunch could last longer than his previous forecast of second quarter.”

The chip shortage is not anything new, in fact, we’ve been following it here at where we’ve covered how it’s affected iPhone cost as well as it being a potential reason why there was no MacBook Pro at WWDC this year.

Apple has been dealing with the chip shortage for the past several quarters but it wasn’t until recently that it began impacting Apple in the most recent quarter, and while some reports suggest that production is improving, today’s report confirms we’re still quite a bit away from being back to normal.

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