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Next iPad mini to Have 120Hz ProMotion Display, According to Probably-Not-True Rumor

First of all, we should tell you where this rumor is coming from…

It was posted on this Korean forum, and on Twitter from user @FrontTron.

Those are not exactly reliable names.

Either way, the rumor is claiming that we’ll see a future iPad mini with an 8.3″ display that features 120Hz ProMotion. If true, this would totally eliminate the jelly scrolling effect seen on the newest 2021 model.

The iPad mini 6 (2021) has a pretty standard 60Hz display and when scrolling in portrait mode, users — if they’re looking close enough — may see the left side of the display refresh slightly faster than the right side, producing the “jelly” effect on the display.

According to the latest, spoopiest rumor, this new iPad mini would be an ‘iPad mini Pro”, start with 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, ship with an A15 chip, and cost more than the current iPad mini 6.

I’d take this one with the biggest grain of ass hair you can find until we hear something more from a source with a bit more accuracy.

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