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EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy S22 Pre-Orders Start in February 2022


This is technically a follow up on our report from earlier this month — covering the launch date of the DEFINITELY NOT CANCELLED Galaxy S21 FE. In that report, we updated the S21 FE saga with an actual launch date, following new rumors that the device had been cancelled altogether.

According to our sources, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has been delayed and will launch in early January, 2022 — January 11, 2022, to be exact.

But if a launch for the Galaxy S21 FE is happening in January, where does that put the Galaxy S22 series? The Galaxy S21 launched in January of 2021, and with the S21 FE now launching in January of 2022, it seems that Samsung has slightly pushed back the launch of their flagship models.

According to sources familiar with the launch, Samsung currently has plans to open pre-orders for the S22 lineup in week six of 2022. I’m told to expect pre-orders to happen in the second week of February, w/c (week commencing) 2/07/2022.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact day at this time, as I’ve been told that Samsung hasn’t solidified things just yet. That doesn’t surprise me, either. Behind the scenes, we’ve seen Samsung move dates quite often. Previously, our sources have seen the S22 penciled in for January, and this move to February is quite recent.

Our sources are watching the plans closely and if we see any changes, we’ll be sure to let you know here on

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