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Apple Launching 27″ Mini-LED 120Hz iMac in Q1’22

New report from supply chain analyst, Ross Young, claims Apple is planning to launch a new 27″ Mini-LED 120Hz Pro Motion display iMac.

Young, who holds a solid 100% accuracy track record according to AppleTrack, tweeted that Apple is currently planning to release the updated 27″ iMac, featuring a display with Mini-LED backlighting and 24Hz-120Hz variable refresh rate, in the first quarter of 2022.

Currently, the 27″ iMac has a 5k resolution display, but there was no mention of the resolution of this new 2022 iMac in yesterday’s report. Also, there was no mention as to which version of iMac this could be, however, it’s sounding very much like this would be an updated iMac Pro.

Initially, Young incorrectly reported that this new iMac display would come in form of an external stand alone display, but has since corrected that this new display will indeed be coming to us as a new and updated 27″ Mini-LED ProMotion display iMac, and that an external display could still come later.

Regardless of this smol nip-slip, this man, with 25 years of experience in the display supply chain industry, is known for his accuracy and solid source hook-up when it comes to any Apple display rumors.

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