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EXCLUSIVE: Apple Watch Series 7 Pricing

This is not where you should be getting this information, but here we are…


To call the launch of Apple Watch Series 7 “weird” would be an understatement. Apple announced the Watch at their September iPhone 13 event in a passing segment, offering no launch date at the time.

“Available later this fall” is what they said at the event and the same words were plastered on Apple’s website.

We didn’t hear anything about pre-orders until our exclusive report on September 30th, covering the pre-orders and launch of Apple Watch Series 7 — which was later confirmed by Apple.

Even when Apple officially announced, via Newsroom, that pre-orders would begin on Friday, October 8, they failed to give any pricing for this year’s Watch.

We’ve been hearing “Starting from $399” since the event, but literally nothing more than that, and we’re less than 24 hours from pre-orders…

Luckily, our report today can shed some light on what you can expect to pay for Apple Watch Series 7.

According to sources familiar with the matter, here’s what we’re seeing for pricing:

Series 7 – 41mm Aluminum (GPS) $399
Series 7 – 45mm Aluminum (GPS) $429

Series 7 – 41mm Aluminum 41mm (GPS + Cellular) $499
Series 7 – 45mm Aluminum (GPS + Cellular) $529

Series 7 – 41mm Stainless Steel w/ Sport band (GPS + Cellular) $699
Series 7 – 45mm Stainless Steel w/ Sport band (GPS + Cellular) $749

Series 7 – 41mm Stainless Steel w/ Milanese Loop (GPS + Cellular) $749
Series 7 – 45mm Stainless Steel w/ Milanese Loop (GPS + Cellular) $799

Series 7 – 41mm Titanium (GPS + Cellular) $799
Series 7 – 45mm Titanium (GPS + Cellular) $849

Series 7 – 41mm Nike (GPS) $399
Series 7 – 45mm Nike (GPS) $429

Series 7 – 41mm Nike (GPS + Cellular) $499
Series 7 – 45mm Nike (GPS + Cellular) $529

From what I can tell, pricing doesn’t differ much from last year, if at all. Which makes it even weirder that Apple hasn’t come out and just said the prices.

Customers shouldn’t have to be surprised about pricing. They shouldn’t go into pre-orders blindly — and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t have to get it from ????

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