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iPhone 13 Touch Screen is Shi*ting its Britches in iOS 15

Your iPhone 13 touch screen not working? Turn it off and slam it down a couple times. Works for me.

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Last week, Apple released iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iOS 15 to the masses. This week, all of them are pooping their little Apple panties. I, myself, being included in “some users” that are experiencing touch screen responsiveness issues with their new device. I should also mentioned that Jon Prosser is having the same issue, although he hasn’t publicly mentioned it.

On Twitter and Reddit alike, users are reporting that the touch screen on their new devices are failing to respond to touch on both the public release of iOS 15 and iOS 15.1 beta.


Complaints compiled by MacRumors Forums also show a number of iPhone 13 customers reporting touch sensitivity issues where “every now and then the Lock Screen will not respond to any touch.” In other instances, system-wide and in-app touch inputs are not responding.

“I’ve had my 13 mini for about 2 days. Every now and then the Lock Screen will not respond to any touch. I need to use the power button to wake the screen and from there, everything works fine – but I’m bummed. Love the phone but it’s already happened several times with no real pattern. I’m not using a case or screen protector.”

– MacRumors Forum user GrumpyMom

The “fix” for us and many others seems to be repeated taps until the screen finally registers gestures or taps to wake the screen. Other times, a hard reset appears to do the trick, but who the hell wants to do all that with a new iPhone? It’s happening to both Jon and I while using the YouTube app. Our fix? frustrated taps (from me, of course) and patiently exiting and re-entering the app (what Jon does.)

I should also note that while iMore staff are also experiencing this issue with their iPad Pro on the public release of iOS 15 and beta for iPad, respectively, we haven’t had any issues on our iPad Air or iPad mini. That’s not to say those last two iPads remain unaffected, either.

With the Apple Watch not unlocking bug in iOS 15 and now this happening on a range of different Apple devices running iOS 15 and iOS 15 beta, it seems to be more of a software issue than a hardware one. Thank fu*kin baby Jesus (Hay-Zeus) because now, we just sit back, frustratedly tap, and wait for Apple to rain down on us some bug fixes.

Update: FPT followers on Twitter now reporting this same issue is happening on their iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Also, a user thought his fingers were too cold.

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