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You Can Pre-Pre-Order the iPhone 13 Right Now

Instead of PANICKING during pre-orders, you can get your order ready now.

Apple is doing something new this year for iPhone 13 pre-orders… you can PRE-pre-order your new phone.

Whether you’re using the Apple Store app, or you’re using Apple’s website, Apple is allowing you to go through the checkout process without actually checking out.

The process is straight forward, and just as you would expect. Actually, why am I even writing an article about this…?

You simply select which of the new phones you’d like, which model, color, storage option, carrier-locked/unlocked, and your payment method.

Of course, you can opt-in for AppleCare+ on your way out, WHICH YOU SHOULD GET in case you break your new $2,000 cellular device.

Once everything is submitted, you can save your pre-order so it’s ready for you when you show back up when pre-orders officially open on Friday.

KEEP IN MIND: This is NOT an actual pre-order. You WILL have to return to the Apple Store app, or website, to manually complete your order — but this will make the process for that day much faster and WAAAAYY less panic inducing.

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