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EXCLUSIVE: Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Launching October 28th


The Pixel 6 devices are rather close to our hearts over here at Front Page Tech. We exclusively leaked the first look at both devices in this article back in May. Google, themselves, even confirmed that leak earlier this month.

In fact, our last Google device leak was confirmed just a couple of weeks ago, after we gave you the launch date and price for the Google Pixel 5A in this exclusive.

If you’ve kept your eyes on the news for the last couple days, you may have seen a report floating around claiming that the Pixel 6 would be launching in a few days, on September 13th, the day before Apple’s iPhone 13 event. It originated from the account Bald Panda on Weibo, and then of course picked up by various news outlets.

SPOILER: It’s not that.

I’m disappointed by the news coverage on this one because this was posted EVERYWHERE, but — at least as far as I’m aware — the Bald Panda account doesn’t have a solid track record.

Social media freaked out, outright laughing at Google, if this was indeed their plan to launch the phones. After all, it doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize that… idk, maybe launching a phone the DAY BEFORE Apple’s biggest event of the year is the worst way to do it.

Per your request, on Twitter a couple days ago, I promised to look into it:

Well, here we are. I looked Into it, reaching it out to a few of my best sources — I have the answers and guess what? It’s not September 13th ???? Shocker.

According to the information we have, pre-orders for both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will happening on Tuesday, October 19th, and launch will be on Thursday, October 28th.

For context, when I say the phone is “launching” on October 28th, I’m referring to the market launch, as in when the phone will be in hands and in stores.

I’m not sure when Google plans to hold their official #MadeByGoogle event for the Pixel 6, but seeing as pre-orders begin on October 19th — that’s not a bad day to assume we’ll see an event.

As the days get closer, I’m sure we’ll have an update regarding what day to expect an event to happen, but so far, those are the dates we are looking at! I doubt Google will change any of their planned dates this time, but in my experience, we have seen Google move back phone launches, especially during this chip shortage, so I’ll keep an eye out for you!

So what did we learn today, class?

Don’t believe everything you see online, especially if it’s coming from an unproven source, AND DOUBLE ESPECIALLY if it makes ZERO sense. K? K.

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