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Apple Watch Series 7 May Be Delayed Due to Production Issues, According to New Reports

Jon Prosser and @ReendersbyIan

As we previously reported back in May, the Apple Watch Series 7 is getting a complete redesign — and according to recent reports, this is the exact reason why the Watch is facing production troubles.

First reported by Nikkei Asia, suppliers working on production for Apple Watch Series 7 have “encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance.”

This is all due to the new design, says Nikkei.

Manufacturers of Apple Watch 7, as the device is expected to be called, began small-scale production last week but encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance, multiple people familiar with the situation said.

Three sources said the current disappointing production quality could be attributed to the complexity of design, which is significantly different from that of previous generations of the watch, and the assemblers found issues when putting together electronics modules, components and displays.

– Nikkei Asia
Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan

Now jumping in to corroborate the report is reliable Mark Gurman and Debby Wu, via Bloomberg.

Apple Inc.’s upcoming smartwatch is suffering production snags as manufacturers adjust to a new design, likely leading to supply constraints or shipment delays, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

– Mark Gurman and Debby Wu

As per the Bloomberg report, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still in line to be announced soon, but shipping of these devices may be pushed back because of this new production delay.

This is unfortunate news, as a lot of people are excited about this new Apple Watch because of the redesign, but it is what it is.

No news as to whether or not the Apple Watch Series 7 will edited out of the September 14th Apple Event.

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