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Yep! iPhone 13 Pre-Orders Starting September 17th, Launch on September 24th

Chinese website iPhone 13 pre-order date lines up nicely with information from our own sources

Renders by Ian | Front Page Tech

According to Chinese e-commerce website, IT Home, Apple plans to launch the iPhone 13 lineup on September 17th and according to a couple of our own sources, that date would be correct. There’s also mention of an AirPods 3 launch, and while that date might still be correct, our sources have only confirmed the pre-order and launch dates of the iPhone 13 lineup that are September 17th and September 24th, respectively.

IT Home website roughly translated

The screenshot posted shows it was originally published by Weibo account @PandaIsBald and lists all four iPhone 13 models including iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max that will be available for pre-order beginning September 17th.

IT Home screenshot of original post by @PandaIsBald
IT Home screenshot of original post by @PandaIsBald

While it’s unclear where exactly that info came from and the website offered no further info to back up the claim, according to MacRumors, IT Home has posted screenshots in the past that turned out to be incorrect.

That being said, I would usually insert my usual “take it with a grain of many butt hairs” and you still should, BUTT ????, since this date is not only lining up with what our own sources said but with Apple’s traditional pre-pandemic schedule of a September launch date timeframe too, take it with a smol speck of butt hair, because these dates are looking right.

Going by Apple’s past launch schedule, pre-pandemic of course, this is the timeframe of events we can expect:

  • September 7th- Press invites go out and exactly one week later
  • September 14th- Apple’s biggest event of the year and when the next iPhone is unveiled, a few days later
  • September 17th- Pre-orders begin for ALL new iPhone models, unlike last year, when we had to wait almost a full month for the mini and Pro Max models due to beer flu restrictions (COVID-19), finally
  • September 24h-Launch of new iPhones

You can read more about what we can expect for the next flagship model of iPhones including a heavy focus on camera upgrades including ProRes and portrait mode for movie-like videos here.

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