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M1 MacBook Users Say Their Screens Are Cracking for “No Apparent Reason” LOL

Image from PC Service Dallas

There have been a few reports popping up from users claiming that the screens in their new M1 MacBooks have been cracking during “normal usage” — that includes M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

A user on the Apple Support pages said:

I bought a MacBook Air M1 6 months ago and the screen cracked for no apparent reason. I left my computer on the top of my desk during the night and the next day I opened it the screen had 2 small cracks on the right which damaged the functioning of the screen. I contacted an authorized apple center which told me apple warranty would not cover it as it is a contact point crack; as if I have left something the size of a rice berry between the screen and the keyboard… It is absurd as I have nothing like it on my desk and the computer was properly closed as usual and didn’t move the whole night. More than the price of repairing it , it is frustrating that apple doesn’t believe its costumers.

– User laura8lx

Replies to that same thread seem to indicate that this has been happening to quite a few users.

As of this morning I, too, have the same issue. Turned my M1 MacBook Pro on as usual and the screen was obviously cracked. I have done nothing to cause this.

– User Truth42

I have just experienced the same thing. On July 28th I closed my laptop to take the dog outside. I came back in and opened up the laptop and there was a crack.

– User CanadaM1

Another user on Reddit claims that they had not dropped or applied pressure to their screen and still opened their MacBook to find the display had been busted.

It’s worth noting that for some of these users, Apple went ahead and replaced the entire MacBook, at no cost. For some, however, they had to pay out of pocket for Apple to collect the machine for repair.

I had to pay £570 before Apple would collect the machine for repair. They tell me their technicians will decide if I get a refund. Not happy.

– User Truth42

As much as I love a good “My MacBook Pro for NO REASON” headline, I have a hard time believing that these cracks are indeed happening for “no reason”.

Often dirt can get caught and press into the display when the laptop is closed, and other times, it can happen purely based on how a user may have opened or closed the unit.

I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that some of these “reports” are from users who shut their MacBook screen onto a keyboard with a bunch of Doritos crumbs stuck in it.

And if you, too, had a Doritos-related MacBook Pro screen incident, it’s worth driving that sucker right to the Apple Store and saying — with a straight face — that it happened for “no apparent reason”. Good luck.

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