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iOS 15 Beta 4: Updates I Give a Sh*t About

Apple released iOS 15 beta 4 to developers today, here’s what I care about

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Welcome back to my “Give a Sh*t” segment. Today, Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 15 and iPad OS 15, with more refinements to the several new features coming soon to iOS.

In this fourth beta release, Apple gives us some tweaks and changes to Safari, Focus Mode, Notifications, and more.

Today’s list of my “Give a Sh*ts” will be quite short as the changes in this beta don’t seem big enough to care about. Either way, it’s still a nice step towards a final iOS 15 release to the public.

Coming in at 1.51 GB on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 15 beta 4 features build number: 19A5307g. This is coming from iOS 15 beta 3, so if you are new to the developer beta program and starting from iOS 14, that GB size noted above will vary from device to device.


After many beta users complained about Safari in iOS 15, Apple is continuing to refine the Safari user experience with tweaks and updates to improve usability.

  • Share Button: The dedicated Share button for sending an article to someone has been relocated to the tab bar again, replacing the prior info button.
iOS 15 beta 3 Safari Share option (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 Safari Share option (R)
  • Reload: Once again, there’s a reload button option next to the domain name for quick access to reloading a page. Apple had removed this in a prior beta and replaced it with a long press gesture. Reload can also be accessed through the Share button.
iOS 15 beta 3 Safari reload (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 Safari reload (R)
  • Show Bookmarks: There’s now a “Show Bookmarks” option when you long press on the URL tab bar, which definitely simplifies how you access your bookmarks.
iOS 15 beta 4 Safari Bookmark option
  • Reader Mode: When Reader Mode is available on a website, there is now a smol icon that can be tapped to enter into it. It is also available through the Shared interface.
iOS 15 beta 3 Safari Reader (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 Safari Reader (R)

iPad OS 15

Disclaimer: I do not have iPad OS 15 installed and running on ANY of my iPads, however, I wanted to include this little tweak because it’s interestingly enough reminiscent of, and lining up with, the MacOS Monterey Safari design. Full article about this by 9to5Mac.


Notifications in Settings app

  • Notifications Icon: The Notifications icon in the Settings app appears to have received a bit of facelift.
iOS 15 beta 3 Notification icon (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 Notification icon (R)
  • Screen Sharing: Apple has added the option to disable notifications when Screen Sharing.
iOS 15 beta 3 Notifications (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 Notifications Screen Sharing option (R)

Focus Mode

  • Share Focus Mode: In the messages app, you can now tap on a contact’s name and choose whether or not to share your Focus status with them.
iOS 15 beta 3 (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 Share Focus Status (R)

App Store Account

  • App Store Account Redesign: Looks like the App Store Account section got a facelift as well! Albeit, a small facelift, but it’s still nice. With more rounded edges and a separate section for each account option, the organization at a glance feels nice.
iOS 15 beta 3 (L) v. iOS 15 beta 4 (R)

Along with iOS 15 Beta 4 and iPad OS Beta 4, Apple released watchOS 8 Beta 4, tvOS 15 Beta 4, and MacOS Monterey Beta 4.


While iOS is also available to public beta testers, no new beta has been released to those users this week.

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