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Twitter Is Testing a ‘Dislike’ Button, and I’m All About It

It appears that Twitter is testing a dislike button or “downvotes” on the platform.

Screenshot from Twitter user @DrOlufunmilayo

Of course, not everyone will see the new dislike button, as this is a test that most likely is only rolled out to a very limited number of users — but for those that can see it, it looks like the feature only shows up on replies in a thread.

“Dislikes aren’t public or visible to the author, while Likes are. They both help us understand what people think is valuable to the conversation.”

– Twitter

I am ALLLLL about this. Even if the exact number of dislikes isn’t displayed or shown, it can still help bring Tweets that are more meaningful to the conversation to the surface. Although, negativity and controversy does have a way of rising to the top, as well. This feature, though it’s likely to be abused, is something that I actually would love to see platform-wide.

In fact, I wouldn’t even mind if the number of downvotes was visible to everyone.

Dear Twitter, please give this to me.

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