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iPhone 13 to Reportedly Feature Always-On Display, Here’s What That Means for You

Could the next iPhone get an always-on display? Don’t look at me, I don’t know

iPhone 13 concept: RendersbyIan | Illustration: Front Page Tech

In his latest edition of his newsletter “Power On,” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman touches on what the upcoming iPhone 13 unveil, a couple of months from now, could look like.

Last week, we covered his previous newsletter about how Apple is looking to boost the initial production of this year’s iPhone 13 models to 90 million units, a 20% increase over the 75 million units that were planned for the iPhone 12, and this week, he reiterates what we can expect with the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup.

“Expect a a faster A15 chip, smaller notch, a new display for better battery life and the potential of an Apple Watch-like always on mode and a 120Hz refresh rate and upgrades to video recording.”

– Mark Gurmmy

We’ve heard the rumors about a 120Hz display feature coming to the next iPhone for years, but what appears to be a newer leak that popped up in the rumor mill in February of this year by leaker Max Weinbach and YouTube’s EverythingApplePro, is this always-on display feature similar to the Apple Watch Series 5 always-on display.

So what in my as*hairs does that mean for you? Well, if you don’t already know because you own an always-on display Apple Watch Series 5, it means you would be able to easily and quickly check information like the time/date, weather, missed calls, notifications, and more, without ever having to activate your iPhone. Believe my as*hairs when they say, this sh*t if efffin AWESOME when it comes to quickly getting the info you need at a simple glance.


Last year, The Elec, an Apple supply chain resource with an AppleTrack record of 75% accuracy, raised the possibility of this year’s flagship models having an always-on display.

“Two out of the four models launching next year will use low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) thin-film transistors (TFT). LPTO technology is needed for the screens to reach 120Hz refresh rate. All four models will use on-cell touch screens as well.”

-The Elec

If that happens, not only will iPhone users finally have the ProMotion technology they’ve been drooling about for years, but they would also get the very convenient feature of an always-on display and all the benefits that brings.

Aside from all of that, Gurmmy’s newsletter also reiterates the iPhone 13’s faster chip, smoller notch, and better battery life that lets us breathe a sigh of relief considering the iPhone 12 lineup featured a smoller battery than its predecessor.

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