iOS 15 Beta 3: Updates I Give a Sh*t About

Apple releases iOS 15 beta 3 to developers
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Apple released the third beta of iOS 15 to developers today, with some refreshments to Safari and other minor tweaks. As always in these “Give a Sh*t” installments, I won’t cover everything. The following are only updates I actually give a sh*t about.

Coming in at 1.63GB on my iPhone 11 Pro Max with a build number of 19A5297e, I would consider the updates to Safari the biggest change. With multiple people complaining about Safari in iOS 15, I’m not surprised.

iOS 15 beta 3 release


  • New in the Focus interface in the Settings app, Apple has removed the Focus Status and Phone Calls options from the main interface, relocating them into each Focus section.
iOS 15 beta 2 (L) vs iOS 15 beta 3 (R)
iOS 15 beta 3 new Focus mode settings

Apple Music Widget

  • The Music home screen widgets have been redesigned when something is playing or paused. They also change color to match the album now.
iOS 15 beta 2 Music widget (L) vs iOS 15 beta 3 Music widget (R)

iPhone Reset Options

  • New “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option in the Settings app
iOS 15 beta 2 Reset (L) vs iOS 15 beta 3 Reset (R)
iOS 15 beta 3 new Reset settings


  • Swiping a notification to the left now shows two separate buttons

Find My

  • New “+” button in the Find My app for sharing location, adding an AirTag, or adding another Find MY item.
iOS 15 beta 3 Find My

App Store

  • New App Store Splash Screen
iOS 15 beta 3 App Store Splash Screen


  • New actions for Background Sounds in Shortcuts
  • New “Dismiss Siri and Continue” action new to Scripting, which also gives Siri a dedicated category in the Apps section now


  • Search: When you tap into a URL bar on a Safari tab, the interface for entering another URL or a search term has been relocated to above the keyboard. Previously, it was located at the top of the start page. The search interface has also been streamlined.
iOS 15 beta 2 Safari search bar (L) vs iOS 15 beta 3 Safari search bar (R)
  • Safari Reload: There is now an option to long press on a floating tab bar to initiate a reload, which is an alternative to using the built-in menu option.
iOS 15 beta 3 new Safari reload option
  • Reload Icon: When you reload a tab in Safari, the tab gets a permanent reload icon that you can tap to refresh again. The reload icon is only available in portrait mode on iPhone but it shows up in both portrait and landscape mode on an iPad. An initial reload is required to make the button appear.
iOS 15 permanent reload icon top right corner of address bar

iPad OS 15 beta 3 was also released and while public beta is out now, no new beta has been released to those users yet.

For a more in-depth look at iOS 15 beta 3, check out the video below from Zollotech on YouTube.

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