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EXCLUSIVE: Apple Making Employees Wear Police-Grade Body Cams in Response to Leaks

Apple isn’t fu*kin around, I’d say

Source: FCC ID

Welp. You read the title. You heard it here first. For the first time ever reported, Apple is making some of its employees wear what we were told were “police-grade” body cameras similar to the #1 law enforcement camera, the Axon Body 2. “Similar,” if not the same.

Axon Body 2

As a response to an ever-expanding Apple leak culture, and staying true to their brand, the company has taken this new dramatic step to ensure that its hardware trade secrets stay out of the hands of leakers like our very own, Jon Prosser.

I say “new,” but according to our sources, Apple has been rolling out this compliance to their teams for at least the last few weeks. To clarify, specific Apple teams only. Not all Apple employees are being made to wear the sophisticated tech.

This falls in line with the company’s latest stint to target well known Apple leakers like Kang, on the popular Chinese microblogging website Weibo, and even concept artists like Concept Creator, Jermaine. An exceptionally talented concept artist we’ve personally worked with in the past.

That’s great and all, except…Apple’s effort to arm its employees with police-grade body cams, effectively warning them about leaking…got leaked. We leaked it. This is that. The leaking of the warning to Apple employees not to leak. Wat.

Axon Body 2 user manual – FCC ID

Although this is the first time ever we hear of such dramatic efforts from a company in an attempt to stop leaks from happening, it’s not the first warning shot Apple has fired at its employees. In April of 2018, Bloomberg reported on a leaked Apple memo being sent to its employees warning them to stop leaking company information. Similarly to this leak, Apple’s warning to employees about leaking, managed to get leaked.

Is anybody going to finally bring up the fact that the problematically ever-expanding Apple leak culture most definitely does NOT take root within people like Kang and Prosser?

The “leaker” is the employee, NOT the person reporting stigmatic news. Without the occasional bad Apple, Apple leak culture wouldn’t exist.

Unless Prosser himself mission impossibled his a*s over to Apple Park to snatch up this info, the sort of highly confidential details discussed in-article remain virtually impossible to obtain. Even if he did Mission Impossible himself to Apple Park, he wasn’t the one who signed an NDA with Apple. Trespassing, though. Imagine Tim Cook spotting a heavily burglar-clad Jon Prosser on Apple Park premises lol.

While it was nice picturing an inconspicuous Prosser dangling by a thread over Timmy Cook’s desk, capable as he is, even he wouldn’t be able to “leak” without the help of Apple’s own employees.

Not entirely sure how body cam’s work, but I sure as h*ll hope they have the option to shut it off in the crapper. A mute button would suffice.

Oh, one more thing. Freedom of the press. That’s a thing. Go ask Crystal.

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