iOS 15 Developer Beta 2: Top Updates I Give a Sh*t About

iOS 15 beta 2 out now!
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Welcome back to my ‘Give a Sh*t’ segment. If you missed my previous iOS 15 articles, you can check them out here and here. Those go more in-depth as far as everything I ‘Give a Sh*t’ about in iOS 15 beta and when to expect public beta release.

Coming in at 1.83 GB on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (my iPhone 12 Pro Max will not be getting the beta, yet) the latest developer beta – iOS 15 Developer Beta 2 – has the usual bug-squashing and updates to weather, Memoji’s, and much more! Too bad I won’t cover everything here, as these are the only updates I give a sh*t about. For more details, ALL release notes can be found here. Knock ya’self out.

iOS 15 beta 2 released June 24th same day as Windows 11 release, sneaky Apple

Bug Fixes to iCloud Private Relay

Any feature that makes web browsing more secure is always welcome. Except, when it’s causing a ruckus to its users. That’s what it was doing in beta 1. According to Apple in the latest release notes, iOS 15 beta “resolved an issue that caused iCloud Private Relay to function unexpectedly.” Yay!


Apple revealed a new Maps app icon at at WWDC 202. When I updated to the first iOS 15 beta I asked “little new Map app icon, where you be?” Not to be found anywhere in the initial release of iOS 15 beta, it’s here now – with added driving animations within the app, too.

iOS 15 beta 2 – Screenshot of new Maps app icon

Memoji Clothes

This one’s a bit of a fun one if you’re into that sort of thing. I used to be, but I’m stuck writing articles like this now. Less time to dress all my Memoji’s. Yes, I have multiple. One for each of my personalities. What can ya do?

iOS 15 beta 2 – New Memoji customizations
iOS 15 beta 2 – My stunning jail outfit to the right and new Memoji customizations

Weather App

Smol but nice change here. The Weather app in iOS 15 beta 2 has a new splash screen. When you open the Weather app in iOS 15 beta 2 for the first time, you will now see a welcome screen highlighting its new features and refreshed design.

iOS 15 beta 2 – New Weather app splash screen


Not much to it here. SharePlay is now enabled. Yay! I don’t have any friends to SharePlay with but if I did, this feature would ROCK!

iOS 15 beta 2 – SharePlay now an option
iOS 15 beta 2 enables SharePlay feature

There was also a beta 2 release for iPad OS 15, but I dare not put that on my current iPad Air 4th gen. If there are some features worth the beta risk in the future, I will install it on an older iPad, but for now – this is it!

That’s it. Those are all the current updates I give a sh*t about in iOS 15 developer beta 2. Stay tuned for more! Or not, this update wasn’t mind blowing. Still a step forward to another fully developed iOS 15 for the masses! Can’t complain.

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