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Click Here: Apple F*^KS the iPad Pro While You Watch

Is the new iPad Pro amazing? Yes. M1 chip? Yep. 16GB of RAM? Uh huh.


We previously reported on iPadOS limiting apps on your iPad to just a laughably small 5GB of RAM. Yep, that’s EVEN IF YOU SHELLED OUT ELEVENTY HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR THE 2021 IPAD PRO WITH 16GB OF RAM. Any third party apps were limiting to using only 5GB, per app.

Well, today, there’s some… good news? Update. There’s an update that leans more towards “good” than “bad”. K? K.

Thanks to a new entitlement, developers will now be able to request privileged access to RAM, giving them access to additional RAM. Technically, this is for both iOS and iPadOS — but seeing as the RAM configuration goes up to 16GB on iPad Pro, I’d say this is a far more important tweak for iPadOS.

Let’s read the start of that last paragraph carefully… “Thanks to a new entitlement, developers will now be able to request privileged access to RAM” — key word: REQUEST. This still does not guarantee additional RAM access. ????‍♂️ But it’s a start, I guess.

It’s worth noting that most apps that you download probably don’t need more than 5GB of RAM — hell, they probably don’t even need that. But this is important for users buying into the iPad Pro. For instance, creators using the Procreate app expected to see better performance, or at least be able to increase the number of layers within their projects, only to realize that NOPE. STILL THE SAME, because of that RAM limit.

This still sucks. This isn’t enough. This doesn’t justify the 16GB of RAM purchase for those customers. This is dumb.

Thanks, I hate it.

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