Microsoft officially unveils Windows 11! Here it is: It Still Looks Like SH*T

Microsoft officially unveils Windows 10 with new theme called “Windows 11”
Image via Microsoft

Oh boy… it’s here. At their Event today, Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 — the “Windows that brings you closer to what you love”. Mmkay.

The biggest change of this “new version” is the redesign, but it’s nothing we didn’t see before. Same look as we saw in the leaks a week or so ago.

So before we get started — lets be clear: this is Windows 10, with a theme. Can we agree? Do we agree? Good.

Redesigned Start Menu inside Windows 11

Microsoft says they’ve “simplified the design and user experience” to “empower your productivity and inspire your creativity.”

This is a real quote from the announcement:

“From the new Start button and taskbar to each sound, font and icon, everything was done intentionally to put you in control and bring a sense of calm and ease.”

– Microsoft

Let’s run down everything that Microsoft wanted to highlight:

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups & Desktops:

Better multitasking and organization of your windows so you can “optimize your screen real estate”.

Chat from Microsoft Teams:

COVID-19 sucked a bunch of honkey tonkey donkey di*k — but now everyone knows how to FaceTime each other! This is that.. FaceTime.. but not.

Microsoft is introducing a new feature in Windows 11, called “Chat from Microsoft Teams”. Use your voice, text, or video to call and chat with your contacts. This works cross-platform, whether your contact is using Windows, Android or iOS.

Gaming, because… Windows:

Sweet Baby Ray’s, Windows is UNTOUCHABLE when it comes to having the best possible gaming experience and Microsoft says that “if you’re a gamer,” Windows 11 is “made for you.”

Microsoft is promising better performance by “unlocking the full potential” of your hardware. Utilizing DirectX 12 Ultimate, and DirectStorage for better graphics, better load times, and more detailed gameplay.


With Windows 11, Microsoft is bringing widgets back to bring you”:closer to the news and information” that you care about.

Remember where your Start Menu used to be? Yeah, this is where your Widgets will be displayed, I guess ????

Check the news, weather or your notifications from one spot. I can’t even make fun of this. Windows Widgets are great, always.

All-new Microsoft Store for apps:

I love the wording for this ???? Microsoft says that the Microsoft Store is your “single trusted location for apps and content to watch” — because we know Windows lets you install some funky sh*t, otherwise.

There is no release date:

As expected, Microsoft offered up no dates as to when we can expect a full release of Windows 11. I’m guessing this was just a reactionary response to Apple’s WWDC. This is Microsoft saying “Hey, LOOK OVER HERE! Windows is still a thing! And it even kinda looks like macOS!”

Even without a release date, you can probably expect to see a release of Windows 11 sometime in October 2021 — if history is any indicator.

Here’s Microsoft’s official “Introducing Windows 11” YouTube video:

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