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Report: Sorry, There Is No iPhone 13

iPhone 13 render by RendersByIan

We’ve got some potential new iPhone 13 details from a report from TrendForce, a market research company for consumer electronics. I say “potential” because I’ve seen their reports be accurate before, but I’ve also seen past reports like this one, that claimed Apple Pencil support was coming to three iPhones in 2018.

So, as with all leaks, take this one with a grain of butt hair.

Anyway! Here’s a rundown of the report if you ain’t got time for many word, and few word will do trick:

  • iPhone 12s, not iPhone 13.
  • Yes, smaller notch is happening.
  • 120Hz coming to Pro models.
  • LiDAR to remain an exclusive feature for Pro models.
  • 4 new models, including another “mini” device.
  • Same storage options as iPhone 12 lineup.
  • All 4 models getting “sensor-shift” image stabilization.
  • Pricing will stay the same.

Basically, their report states that things will stay the same, for the most part. But there are a couple takeaways (for me, at least).

I’ve reported in the past that I was told a 1TB storage option will be added for the Pro models in 2021. TrendForce contradicts this report, saying that storage will stay the same for 2021. 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options for the base models. 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB options for the Pro models.

No iPhone 13:
In this episode of Front Page Tech back in early February, I reported that I was confident that the 2021 iPhones would NOT be called “iPhone 13” and instead would be branded as “iPhone 12s”. TrendForce backs this up in their report, calling the 2021 iPhones the “iPhone 12s series”.

We’re about 3 months away from Apple actually announcing the phones, so we’ll know soon enough.

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