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CRAZY Leak Reveals Apple Tried to Make a Real Hospital, With Apple Doctors and Everything

Apple really tried to be your real-life doctor

Would you go to an Apple Hospital? That might sound crazy, but it’s not too far-fetched from an idea that Tim Cook and the gang have struggled to get off the ground.

A new report from The Wall Street Journal tells us that Apple was pushing to get into healthcare at a way deeper level than just an Apple Watch telling you how many steps you’ve taken.

According to the report, Apple has been trying to bring to life an idea of an Apple-run primary healthcare service, complete with doctors employed by Apple, out of clinics run and owned by Apple. The plan was to integrate their development of software, services, hardware, health sensors with an actual healthcare plan that would lower traditional costs, and keep you healthier.

Apple wanted to combine their health metrics from their existing hardware to be able to provide you with virtual healthcare in tandem with in-person care at a real-life Apple Clinic.

Talk about AppleCare ???? This is AppleCare Pro Max.

They were so deep into this, that at one point, they tested this crazy idea by taking over clinics that already catered to Apple employees near Apple Park, and they built out a team of doctors, engineers, product designers and more. Apple then ran these clinics themselves as testbeds for their possible future service. Who did they test this radical healthcare service on? Their own employees.

Tim Cook, himself, has said that he believes Apple’s biggest contribution to the world will be what they’ve done for health. At the time, that seemed a bit exaggerated, but now knowing what type of plans they had in place… yeah, I can see why he believes that.

The Wall Street Journal claims that these plans have stalled out, for the most part, but they haven’t given up quite yet, so let’s think about just how powerful this could have been.

Take a moment. Think about all the health data your Apple Watch and your iPhone already collect about you. Now think about how much more powerful all of that data could be if It was stored and monitored by your APPLE DOCTOR at your APPLE CLINIC.

Duuuuude. That. Is. Wild.

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