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macOS Monterey (Is That How You Spell It?) Brings Universal Controls and Big Updates to Safari

Screenshot of macOS Monterey - Apple

macOS Monterey brings witch-craft level changes.

Universal Control

“Continuity”, Apple’s streamlined communication between devices, just got even better with “Universal Control”. THIS IS NUTS.

Screenshot of Universal Control in action – WWDC

With Universal Control, you can now switch between devices… WITH THE SAME MOUSE AND KEYBOARD. On your Mac, but want to slide over to your iPad? NO PROBLEM. You can even drag and drop files between devices. This is next-level, ecosystem witch craft sh*t.

Universal Control isn’t limited to just two devices, either. You can use your MacBook, iPad, and iMac all at the same time.

AirPlay to Mac

Apple will now let you AirPlay content or mirror your screen to your Mac. Wait.. what? This wasn’t a thing before?


You know Siri Shortcuts? Yeah. This is that. But for Mac.

Automate every-day stuff to make your life a little better by making your own Shortcuts, or downloading one of the already-made Shortcuts available in the Shortcuts library.


Screenshot of Safari during WWDC – Apple

Safari is getting a slight redesign with new, compact tabs and a smaller toolbar.

“Tab Groups” now allow you to group tabs together instead of having all of your 293857 tabs open all at once. Seriously… you know who you are AND you can’t find the one you’re looking for, so why do you do it? Heathens.

These changes to Safari will carry over to your other devices, too. On iPad, Safari will be nearly identical to your Mac, and synced. On iPhone, a new “Tab Bar” will appear right where your thumb normally sits, giving you reachable access to your tabs. When you scroll, the Tab Bar will get the hell out of the way and when you pull it back, it’ll be ready to use. Swipe left or right on the Tab Bar to go between tabs, swipe up to reveal a new grid of current tabs in use as well as your Tab Groups.

Yes. Yes to all of this.

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