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So.. LeBron James Is an Apple Leaker Now?

Basketball sports person accidentally posts unreleased earbuds on Instagram

I’m writing a story about LeBron James on a tech news website. What is my life…

What had happa was, in one of his latest Instagram posts, he said “Seize the opportunity, believe and take control of it. Then get on your marathon and grind it til its over with.“

Wow, thanks LeBron — where’d you get that, a fortune cookie? That’s the most Instagramy shit I’ve ever heard. 

Anyway, that’s not what this article is about. Thank god. Turns out LeBron is the newest Apple leaker, because in images posted to his Instagram, the dude just happened to be casually wearing a part of unreleased earbuds from Apple.

The upcoming Beats Studio Buds.

Enjoy the images below, or go to LeBron’s Instagram. Whatever.

Nice. Good job, JeBron Lames. 

So yeah, that’s news today. That’s what we’re doing, I guess.

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