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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at M1X Mac mini Redesign

Spoiler: I want.

Alright, Mac mini — a product line that has really gotten new life with Apple Silicon. Like, for once, Mac mini is actually super exciting. But for the first M1 Mac mini, there was no redesign. Apple just reused the previous design and threw and M1 in there. But as you can tell, with the new Apple silicon, the Mac mini doesn’t have to be this big. It could be mini….er. Well, thanks to a few sources, we have some pretty good schematics of the upcoming redesign, and I’m happy to show it to you!

Here’s the new Mac mini.

Now hang on, before we say anything else. I first want to point out. PORTS. Look at all those ports!

From what we saw, you’re getting the same magnetic power connection, with MAG-O-NUTS, as we got on the new 24 inch iMac, 4 USB ports, two usba ports, ethernet and HDMI. Sadly, still no SD Card slot, WHICH IS BREAKING MY BALLS APPLE WHY. STOP. 

It’s much thinner as well. The circular base is gone from the new design, and instead you have these rubber strips again. Same as the new iMac and the same as the redesigned MacBook Air that I leaked last week. Also on the bottom, there’s a new vent to help with cooling. 

The metal top that we’re used to is being replaced by a plexiglass-like material, on top of the aluminum enclosure. Now, you might be asking why the two different materials? Well, I’m not 100% confident is saying two-tone color options are coming with Mac mini, but I have been told that they have tested different colors. Interpret that however you’d like…

A report a few days ago from Mark Gurman says we can expect the new Mac mini to ship with up to 64GB RAM, a 10-core CPU, and 16 or 32 graphics cores. So don’t let this new form factor fool you. This little guy is gonna be beefy boi on the inside. 

I just bought a couple of the new M1 iMacs, and I really want the next, bigger iMac as soon as it comes out. Like, that thing is gonna be impulse buy for me. Buuuut, I also want this Mac mini. I think a package like this will just be too good to pass up.

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