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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Apple Watch Series 7 Redesign

Flatten all the things!

Okay, so this one I’m excited about! I love Apple Watch, and so do a lot of people. It’s not just the most popular smartwatch in the world, it’s also just literally the most popular watch in the world. Period. Which is absolutely nuts if you think about it. We’ve been making watches for how long? And Apple just walks in and goes, “watch, but you can see heart beat” and boom. Most popular watch.

But we haven’t gotten a significant redesign in a bit. I mean, there have only ever really been two designs and it had to do with the screen. The bezels shrunk and even though they last modified the design of the watch in 2018 — I think it still holds up. I think it looks great, even still. 

But late last year, analyst Kuo Ming Chi said we could expect a “form factor” redesign to Apple Watch in 2021. So my sources and I have been on the lookout. And today, I’m happy to show what to expect. 

Here’s the new Apple Watch:

Just as always, we made these renders based on images. In this case, a source sent me a mixture of images and CAD files for this new Apple Watch design, and I gave those to RendersbyIan to make these renders for you.

Flat edges on the new design, which falls in line with what apple has been doing lately, and gives Apple Watch a fresh new look without actually changing too much. Screen will likely be the same as it has been for the lsat few generations, though at least from what I’ve heard, they have tested prototypes with even smaller bezels and more screen. We had images of the watch, but this is one of those instances where I don’t have or know the spec sheet. So I can’t tell you what new sensors are coming or what new features we’ll see this year. In fact, everything goes by codenames behind the scenes, so the source wasn’t even able to confidently say this is Apple Watch series 7. For all we know, it could be series 8. But seeing as we’re expecting a redesign in 2021, this sure looks like it. 

And also.. colors..

We had an image of a really pretty green color. I’d say it was similar to the green on AirPods Max, and in my head that doesn’t sound like it would look good. But my god, it looks amazing on the watch in these renders. It’s a super clean green color that I like a whole lot. The source was clear to mention that they’ve been working on “experimental colors” – so it’s not locked down which color will be the featured color this year, or if the new Apple Watch will just flat out come in a variety colors. Which, to me, sounds like the ideal option. The Apple Watch is a super personal device and I think it would be really cool if they offered it in multiple colors. But listen, if all they give us is this green, sign me up. I want it. 

And that’s kind of it. I mean it is a redesign to Apple Watch, but its nothing mind blowing or even that surprising. Kind of predictable, actually. People have been making concept renders of at the Apple Watch with flat sides for a bit now, so to those people, good job, you were pretty close. 

I will say though, the shade of green that I saw was so nice, and if we get Apple Watch in the same colors as AirPods Max, I will lose my mind. These look ridiculously good and I will take it personally if Apple doesn’t give us this. 

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