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EXCLUSIVE: New M2 MacBook Air Coming With Redesign, Colors

What if MacBook… but colors?

Front Page Tech and Renders by Ian

So a few months ago, I reported an exclusive that the new iMac would be coming in colors. That kinda sounded crazy at the time, because iMacs are big and would probably look crazy splashed with a lot of color like that — but here we are. We actually got them. 

Now, the same source is back but they’re being pretty cryptic about things. 

They sent this image, from Macworld NY 1999:

A graph that shows apple’s pro and consumer products. Showing how the consumer products featured more colors. First, obviously the colorful iMac G3. And then the iBook that was being announced in colors that day. 

So naturally, over the weekend, I started investigating and chatting with more of my supply chain sources, and we may or may not have gotten images of a new… colorful MacBook. And maybe we got these images from the same people that gave me pictures of AirTags, and just like I usually do when I may or may not get my hands on some images of a product, I may or may not have given some to a 3D render artist to create some renders for you. That way we can protect the source, and still show you a future product. 

And here’s what we saw… 

I like to tell you how things work behind the scenes. So to give you an idea: This is what one of the current MacBook Airs look like, torn down. Piece by piece. 

See that? That’s pretty much what we had to work with. Just an aluminum enclosure. Pieces. 

Also, behind the scenes, most of the time the employees don’t know the final name for products. Like, they don’t know exactly what they’re working on, unless its obvious to them and they’ve seen it before. 

In this case, the sources are just assuming that we’re looking at MacBook Air. 

Leaked schematics of 2021 MacBook Pro

In this case, the IO on this machine does not match the leaked MacBook Pro schematics, so it’s safe to say its not that. Which is how we got MacBook Air. 

Side of new MacBook Air – shows one USBC port on either side.

And since we just had pieces of the aluminum enclosure, we had to make our best guesses on some of this. The best image we had was of the bottom of the unit. So we really had to guess what the display would look like. So the bezels on this could be thinner, or thicker — I guess that part can stay a surprise. My guess would be thinner tho. 

The source gave me images of the blue, but had also claimed to see green in person. According to them, the colors featured on the new MacBook Air are very close, if not identical to the shades you’ll find on the stands for the new 24 inch iMacs. 

As you can see, the whole thing is pretty crazy thin, with two USBC ports. One on either side, and that’s kind of it for I/O. From the images we had, we were unable to see if MagSafe was back on the MacBook Air. They’ve also removed the 4 rubber feet on the bottom and instead, there are just two vehicle strips closer to the sides. 

The keyboard also seems a bit different on these new models. The function keys now seem to be full-sized, moving the whole keyboard down, and the trackpad seemed a little smaller than before. 

Most notably, and you’ve probably noticed at this point — according to sources, and images, the MacBook Air is no longer tapered like it has been since… well, always. Now it’s completely flat. I mean, it’s so flat and thin that I don’t know what happens next. 

Like, for the next redesign… what do they do? Any thinner than this would be too thin, not to mention this barely fits the USBC ports. 

We weren’t guessing with the white bezels and white keys, however. We were told that those would be white, and I’m sure that’s sad news for a lot of you, but it’s not exactly a surprise. 

As with AirTags, we’re going to have to wait a little bit for this one to be confirmed. I’m told that if we see this at all this year, it’ll be towards the end of the year. 

All in all… it’s looking like Im going to have to buy a MacBook Air. I mean, how could you not want this? They look sooooo good.

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